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CMW and Kingston shows

Final plug for CMW shows in Toronto.  Check out Rebecca West, Cleveland
Steamer, and Sanisoft on Thurs. March 9 at The Ultrasound (Speedbuggy are
NOT playing this show as I had earlier posted).  Sanisoft plays again on
March 8 at The Killintyme (sp?).

If any Kingstoners want to check out some East Coast content on Saturday
night (March 9)- Sanisoft is playing at The Roost.  It's for a label's
record release and there are 3-4 other bands playing as well.  Not to be
outdone by those Squirtgun people, come up to us in Kingston and we'll give
you a shirt (assuming we have any left).  Hell, a sticker, too.

I don't know what label is having the release.  I don't know where The
Roost is.  I don't know who the other bands are.  I don't know if its
all-ages.  Finally, I don't know how much it costs.  There, that takes care
of all the details.


ps.  I read an article in that Halifax music journal, The Sunday Daily
News, about the les aimees de sloan projects.  1/2 page article. Way to go,