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rec.music.white-power --> PLEASE READ (fwd)

Hi All,

I hate to get political and all, but we can't really afford complacency.
please take the time to read this...speak out when you can...
remember, we all have freedom of expression, but not when it involves 
infringing on other people's basic rights...white power, aryan 
resistance, whatever they want to call themselves this week, violate this 
very premise....sorry if this is a faux-pas...the first person who flames 
me for forwarding this will be a cheap shit...especially since we have 
spent the last few days talking about the complacency of the youth of 

----------------begining of forwarded message------------------------

I am writing to you on a matter that many people consider of great
importance. It concerns the initiation of a new Usenet group whose
purpose is simply put to best spread fear and a racist idealogy.
For those of you unfamiliar with the Usenet, it can best be likened to a
serious of bulletin boards all dealing with a different subject. When
someone sees a message about a particular topic on one of these bulletin
board they can put their own message up in response and so discuss or
spread information.

It has recently been brought to my attention that there is a motion out
to create a Usenet group (bulletin board) that will be used to spread the
notion of white power through music. I can't describe white power music
except to say that it is not for the music that people listen to it, it
is for the hateful rhetoric that it expounds. Furthermore, when you put
these lyrics that expressely incite violence toward minorities, to a
catchy beat the possible explosion is obvious. To create a Usenet group
there is a vote taken by a neutral party that is why I am writing to you

Don't think that there are no people who would listen to such trash in
your area. I periodically check the white-power newsgroups and have been
shocked to find people with on the same server as mine being active
and vocal participants.

I am sending along the original CFV (call for votes) as
well as a passage written by the noted Holocaust scholar and active
internaut Ken McVay that will explain the underhanded intent of the
people involved. Please pass it on to your friends and any other leads
you might know of.

All people should be shocked at the type of anger this is trying to stir in
the community with the aim of mocking and destroying the peace of
society. Please make yourself heard.


1) DO NOT VOTE TWICE (that would constitute voting fraud).

2) send mail to music-vote\!/sub-rosa.com    that says either
  I vote YES on rec.music.white-power   or
  i vote NO on rec.music.white-power

if your mail reader doesn't have your real name please list it under your
vote line as
Voter name:

3) Vote counting is automated. Failure to follow these directions may
mean that your vote does not get counted. If you do not receive an
acknowledgement of your vote within three days contact the votetaker
about the problem. It is your responsibility to make sure your vote is
registered correctly.

If you would like more detailed information on why you should vote no,
check out  http://nizkor.almanac.bc.ca

Adam Aptowitzer

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