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plumtree / broken girl / ottawa shit

wow! when we heard that plumtree and broken girl were playing ottawa, im
telling ya the whole ottawa crew went mental... there hasn't been a decent
show to go to in a while...

so anyways.. tara dc, jayson, carol (sizzle teen),annie, bryce, jayson's
cousin chubb, other people, myself... kinda the ottawa sloannet usual
gathering all go down to the show... which of course had been transformed
into the usual ottawa scream out costume wearin punk shit show.

so we get there... it sells out so some of our friends cant see the
show... of course you know... the headlining punk outfit wearin outfit
'bertha does moosejaw' has a new tape out so every pierced person in
ottawa has to go (that comment is just lashing out cuz some girl pointed
at us and said we all looked the same cuz of course we're "trying to be
hippies" even tho she looked like everyone there..)

so gizzard plays.. they suck, they suck and they are boring and completely
unoriginal.. but do i say anything rude to everyone there... no... to each
his/her own, right?

so broken girl comes out.. it felt a little awkward cuz julie looked so...
alone?? anyways.. she starts and the punk crowd does not shut the hell
up... comments like "who the fuck is that" and such, prompt sarcastic
comments to the punk crowd by julie... she also disses the guy who pput
her on the bill... but all in her quiet way... the songs were too good to
be true... but you know... the crowd made julie stop after like 15 minutes
or so.... rude bunch of asses... i felt really bad all night afterward
because that IS ottawa these days... rude shitty cotume punk shit...
but julie said that an all-talking crowd is better than a quiet crowd with
a few people talking so i guess that's ok... i am still too sad tho...
fuckin ottawa these days... there is NO ROOM for pop or anything not home
made and shitty. i think we're gonna overthrow the scene... 

so plumtree were up next.... they were very very good and most were having
a good time.. the bassist, katrina right?, had the family come watch her
and there were too many smiles to count.. they played really well... songs
from the cd and some off the single/tape and stuff... overall, really fun
and great-sounding...

so we left after because you know... there were another 3 costume wearin
bands to go.. one came out as we were leaving .. they had on all sorts of
costumes and one guy had a cap on with boobs on it.. i was thoroughly

fuckin ottawa these days...



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