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Re: sloan #1

Derek Tokar - PHAS/F93 writes:

> If anybody saw the new chart magazine today they will have noticed that 
> Twice Removed has been chosen as the #1 Canadian album of all time.  I 
> don't have it on me but some of the other albums on the list are Hayden 
> #31 or so, Love Tara somewhere in the thirties, about 20 Neil Young 
> records, Doughboys "Whatever" and so on and so on... Go to a store and 
> read it for yourself or someone can post the real numbers.  Oh yeah 
> Smeared is in there somewhere also...

> treble charger's "red" is listed at number 8 on the top 50 singles, 
> underwhelmed and coax me are there too.

I am not saying the east coast (and not so east coast) bands like Sloan, 
Eric's Trip, Hayden and Treble Charger are not all good acts on their own 
but it appears the case with this list, as is too ften the case for "best 
album/single/wahtever of ***ALL*** time" is it is too focused on the 
presented and near past.  Granted I don't have the list available to me 
and I am far from knowledgable about Canadian music much further back 
than about ten years but I find it hard to accept that Twice Removed is 
better than EVERYTHING the likes of Neil Young, Buchman-Turner Overdrive, 
The Guess Who, even Rush. A lot of these artists have arguable released 
material that is considered to be "timeless".  Well that is just my pet 

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