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/\Plumtree in Cornwall/\

My pal al wrote:
>(hey joey, put the ad up now!)
sorry, i forgot all about it, anyways,,

HEY!! anyone in the Cornwall/Ottawa region, 
or for that matter anyone who didn't get 
to see/or would like to see again...
those Plumtree girls, will be playin'
\!/ the cornwall regional art gallery sunday 3rd.
show starts at 1:30pm, $5,,
line up is:
Hitchiked <--those crazy ottawa kids!
Fraw line

oh, ya as an added bonus, there is this really cool
art show on now, from this artist Mark Marsters,
he's originaly from the east coast but now lives 
in ottawa, and his art is on show here for a month 
before he brings it out east, he made a personalized
mural for cornwall (mainly about the whole smuggling d
eal and stuff) which he will bring with him, anyways,
worth checking out if he comes to your town

um, if anyone would like to come and needs
directions, or more info, just reply to me,
sorry this is late notice, been a busy bee
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