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Re: Is anybody listening?

re soapbox politics

I for one am reading all of this- however I have been swamped with political
theory and the nature of power for over three years in university now, and I
basically have a servere aversion to this.  Then why am I replying?  Perhaps
I should give everyone a reading list: :)  William Connelly - The terms of
political discourse-  Michael Foucault- blah blah-  This stuff killed me and
now I find it amusing that its made it to the main stream of Sloanet.  I
know this means a lot to some people, but i am afraid I will have to side
with the "stoned grade 11 student" argument (metaphorically, not exact
description, o.k. 
James? :)  

My goodness- I just read what I have written and realize that I have become
cynical and hardened in my old age...  Any way, if you wish to truly expand
your knowledge and understanding of politics, basically what I am saying is
that you have to read boring old crusty books.  

just having fun- and too weak to attack people-