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Is anybody listening?

OK, too much serious discussion, time for a joke:

Michael Damian Catano <mcatano\!/is.dal.ca> said

}yes, you're right, you can't avoid politics by not paying attention to 
}them, but that is precisely my point.  if enough people are acting or 
}thinking thew same way it is politically important.  look at sloan net, 
}for example.  the fact is, out of 200, only about 5 or 6 are actually 
}contributing to this thread, and god knows how many are just hitting 
}delete without reading anything.  the fact that you and i and a few 
}others are contributing goes to show that we are not among the general 
}majority who are not interested.

OK, I propose a poll.  I want all the people who are following this 
thread to mail me, and those who aren't to also mail me.  I expect 
of course to have 200 mail messages in my mailbox on Monday Morning.

}you've got to use the forces and channels that exist already in order to 
}make any lasting change.  you've got to change things from the inside 
}out, instea of trying to tear everything apart from the outside, because 
}face it, if you can't get work from the inside, you'r never going to work 
}at all.

But when it comes to making music, if you have any integrity you 
have to release your work independently rather than sign a record 
company contract.  Please explain this contradiction to me.


PS this was all in jest, I don't want a poll, and I do want the 
discussion to continue.  I don't understand it, but I enjoy it.