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volume two

hey kids,

i got a call from mike from thee suddens the other day, so they are going 
to be contributing to the les amis du sloan volume II tape, they'll be 
doing "two seater" - how appropriate, eh? coooooool. so it looks like 
volume II is mostly moncton bands doing sloan covers. weird. :)

by the way, to anyone who has sent me email in the last few days - sorry 
for not getting back sooner, but i've been a wee bit busy in halifax. :) 
:) last night we went out to see piggy at the bike shop and i'm sure 
someone will do a better review than this, but it was the most happiest 
music. if you haven't heard piggy, you are missing out. they have two 
tapes out now that you can order and make sure if you come to halifax to 
go see them play. stand up bass, clarinet, piano, violin, you cannot go 

piggy are my new favorite halifax band.

i think it must have been mentioned, but there is an all ages thrush 
hermit/poumons show at cafe ole tonight, so come one down and dance with 
us. following that, there will be a pilgrimage to the oasis to watch the 
always poppy never sloppy trike and then for those who are brave enough, 
the chinstraps and cleveland steamer at birdland. fun fun fun fun fun! 
and tomorrow come to birdland to see thrush hermit and rebecca west and 
the pumons.

oh yeah, yesterday i bought my friend joe a shirt at murder, it's a new 
(new to me) super friendz shirt, it looks pretty spiff. dark blue with 
green circles and stuff. nifty.

amy's comic/zine "dollface" *is* super, by the way.

bye for now,

"It's a really hopeless feeling sometimes when you want to go home. You're 
even further away, you're not even getting closer to home. You're travelling 
further, and the further you travel the further you have to come back."
                                                         - Rick White