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Re: fatmikeisanidiot

> I was just expressing my own taste. Personally, I don't feel my 
> argument was tarnished whatsoever by the mention of ginger and rose 
> chronicles. Ginger will never be what Grapes of Wrath were, rose 
> chronicles I find bland. But that's just my opinion. I said there 
> were exceptions and I believe Mystery Machine falls into that 
> category.

well thats all fine, but if you want to improve your argument, then you 
should say "i feel" or "in my opinion" the further west you go etc...
what you said is a generalization---and a massive one at that.
So you see, its not actually an "argument" at all.  It is a normative 

Also, you should probably say why they are shitty when compared with 
anything east of west coast. (Atlantic provinces of course don't need to 
be qualified--we all know they win by a longshot.;-)