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halifax comix

hey there...

ive been meaning to post a message about dollface for awhile now... amy 
baker is ha;lifax's zine queen but unfortunatly thats a title earned 
without much competition.  there simply is no halifax comix scene and not 
much of a zine scene either.. the true grandaddy is chris yorke and his 
gypsy times zine.. chris has put out hundreds of fucked up zines over the 
last number of years... anyhow chris is not for all but if you like 
messed up poetry and a strange political agenda then drop him a line at 
2317 hunter st. halifax ns. b3k 4v7 issue 27 or 28 (cant remember what 
he's up to) is $2 .. help support a starving artist who is also a 
fugitive from the law...

speaking of fugitives:

gordon isnors zine left hip is comming out with a truely stellar 6th 
issue ... ive got my contributers copy and its slicker than ever .. 
though gordon slipped in a couple choice typos under much stress... 
anyhow its got some comix (amy baker, mArc bell, me ) interviews with 
some bands and of partiucular interest to sloanetters is the cover story 
interview with chris murphy.... yes upercanadians you heard it right 
chris murphy ... he spills all about fans , touring, swimming and  
strange practical jokes sloan play on eacjh other (those guys are truly 

anyhow accompning this issue is also a tape featuring tonnes of bands 
baby including the superfriends, murphy, matt grimson , state champs 
etc.. etc.. the tape isnt quite done yet so the line up isnt fully 

anyhow its quite possible that this was the rumoured halifax comix zine 
with 7" that someone here heard about... but i dont know ... i ytalked to 
gordon about my dream of assembling a comix anthology but i doubt it will 
ever happen due to the extremely depressing lack of comix from down here...

truly the best east coast (though he now lives in montreal ) comic is the 
mojo action and companion unit... by marc bell.. mark truly takes one to 
school when he shows how it should be done .... 

gordon also puts most zines to shame with his exceptionaly high 
production values... its about time someone did a zine right for god 
sakes... learn how to use long arm staplers and cutters people...

anyhow i guess i got a little off topic here.. james is right in giving 
amy justifiable praise  her dollface comic is getting better with each 
issue and starting to loose its julie doucet influence as it goes along 

anyhow gotta split ..