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Re: Voting Blank

> You can in Canada, it's called a spoiled ballot.  You just mark all 
> the spaces, or write in a joke candidate, or otherwise do it wrong so 
> they have to count the ballot but not give a vote to any candidate.  
> However, in the US they apparently pull levers in a booth, so I don't 
> know if you're able to spoil that procedure.

in the us there is a write-in option for certain things like presidential 
candidates ... a blank section below the listed candidates where you can 
write in your own choice (and then i think you punch out the little hole 
next to that line with the lever ... i don't know, i always vote for 
listed candidates). thing is that so few people vote. and of the few who 
do vote, an even more miniscule percentage vote for anything other than 
the two party candidates. so spoiling the ballot becomes a useless 
practice ... like bowing out of the whole thing to make a silly joke. and 
in the newspapers/on the tv they usually barely acknowledge the voting 
stats for anything other than the two parties. they might mention the 
libertarian party or something like that, parties that bring in a notable 
percentage ("notable" being, like, 5% or something). but no-one ever pays 
attention to anything other than the two parties' status. there are 
exceptions, like the ross perot upset. but he only had a shot because he 
had millions and millions of dollars to spend and so many of his 
supporters are filthy rich (i should know, they all live in my home 
town). point being, it doesn't accomplish much to spoil a ballot in the 
us. there's too much that actually desperately needs to be changed.

my own $.02

:^) jeanie