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Politix and Dirty Trix.

> Do you really want all your favourite bands to stop concentrating on
> musical ideas and start ranting tunelessly (and probably ignorantly) about
> East Timor? Believe me, the world would not be a better place.

This is basically what I was getting at, music is _entertainment_.
If I wanted to learn about politics I would be in school right now, not
listening to the Archers of Loaf in my room. As well, I didn't say 
that people should be political/apolitical, thats up to the individual
and it's probably not a bad idea to take a little interest in whats
going on around you if you care about the consequence. But seriously,
when I listen to music, I just want to hear _music_ not any serious
heavy political content, music is fun.. leave it at that. If you want 
to learn about politics, turn on the TV, read a book, but don't look
to performers to tell you whats up unless you want a limited view of 
the world. I hear that the revolution will br released on a CD ROM box 
set on murder records next year. 
So go on and flame the hell out of me if it makes you feel better, and 
Chris, I even checked for spelling errors this time :P