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Re: sloanpolitik

just a couple short last points I'd like to add to this thread:
- As Mary at Impact and Nick very ably pointed out, musicians aren't 
neccessarily the right people to look to for political analysis (cripes, 
half of 'em aren't even the right people to look to for music)
- Still, it does seem like pretty slow times for music/pop culture that 
addresses anything other than the intensely personal which seems odd in 
light of how fucked up things are getting (or maybe that's exactly why 
people are drawn to apolitical art these days, maybe our everyday lives 
are politicized enough)...anyway, the previous posts have covered all 
- Sorry to Brendan for the cheap shot about spelling...very out of 
character for me...I'm trying to be nice, but I live in Toronto now so 
it's a stretch.    -enough already. love, Chris