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>Do you really want all your favourite bands to stop concentrating on
>musical ideas and start ranting tunelessly (and probably ignorantly) about
>East Timor? Believe me, the world would not be a better place.

geez, mary, you make that sound like such a bad thing.  :-)

really though, does anyone here actually believe that 
public enemy _fear of a black planet_, or lou reed _new york_,
or bob dylan _blood on the tracks_, (need we mention fugazi again?)
would have been better or more "musical" or "entertaining" *without*
their political/social-comment content?  if so, please raise your
hand so i can laugh mockingly in your general direction.  :-)

ok, east coast music and politics -- i'm mentioning this rather
late but piggy and dusty sorbet and a couple of others are 
playing a benefit at the bike shop tonight for the nova scotia
public interest research group.  haligonians take note.

hey is it true that tom cochrane and alanis morrissette are
teaming up to release an album together called _ragged little ass_?
i heard the new single:  "i've got one hand in my pocket,
and i want to ride it all night long."  pretty rad.


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