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Sloannet=politcal argument

    I'm sorry I'm not going to jump into this political argument 
right now (I hope we're not being graded on this) but I could chat it 
up this weekend.  I decided to take some cash out the born again bank 
account and see some shows.
    I'll probably only make it to the saturday night Birdland gig but 
I'd love to say hello and spit out the gems on these issues and any 
others.  And if you're really nice I might, uh... pat you on the back.

        Political science is the way to goily yours,
        Paul Landry

ps. I'm 5'7", mid-length brown hair, with John Lennon/Bruce Cockburn 
round glasses and sideburns.  Sure that's half the indie rock 
population but I recognize JRC so that's a start anyway.