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Re: poumons & politics (with no connection to sloan whatsoever)

At 12:18 96/02/29 +0100, you wrote:

>making a statement just as big as you are when you are voting. no matter 
>why you don't vote, there's a reason behind it, and as long as people 
>keep being "apolitical" the politicians should take not and ask 
>themselves "why do X percent of the population not vote?". the problem of 
>people staying in bed instead of voting can be taken care of by letting 
>people to simply vote "blank". if you actually did get out of bed to vote 
>and then voted "blank" the politicians should really take note. you 
>voted, but didn't vote for any of the parties/persons that was available.
>to me, it's like a "no" vote to the whole system or, at least, the 
>political parties involved in the election (ie. running the country). 

This is just a little thing but people should know.  There is another option
to be considered when voting.  You've talked about voting blank (which is
just a spoiled ballot) and not voting (which doesn't do anything, just one
less to count).  Unfourtunately you've missed the most important option when
you are disenchanted with your choices.  There is a way to abstain from
voting.  I can't remember the technical term but what it amounts to is that
you state that you feel that none of the candidates are suitable choices.
My mom has been a DRO (deputy returning officer) before and she told me that
if enough people do this that the canadidates don't get as much money back
from the govetnment as they normally would.  It don't truly understand it
yet but if you are really against all the options you should consider this.
Its a bigger statement than merely not voting.