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vancouverites! get yer thee suddens 7"s

yeah, well, it's a cheezy semi-east coast related way to mention that 
there's a fine show tomorrow with the tonebursts, mark (from good 
horsey), the readymade, coal and speedbuggy, who've  got those new 
records (the squirtgun speedbuggy/radioblaster/new grand/thee suddens) in 
their hot lil' hands.  oh yeah, and i've got a couple of hundred 
tonebursts records handy too.  the show's tomorrow at the ANZA \!/9pm

ummm, if anyone is interested in getting our (tonebursts) 7", it's $3.50 
ppd in canada, $3 US in the states.  there's a review on p.24 of the feb. 
exclaim which might give you an idea of what it sounds like