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More Music, More Politics.

        1) Trobridge has it right on- the people in charge think in terms
of politics, so unless you want to get buried under that sand you have your
head in, wake up. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that
Good People do nothing. 

        2) MDC said 'I just want Indie-Rock !!!!" Yeah, candy ass, there's
this thing called 'Bread and Circuses" it was all the Roman overclass felt
that they had to provide thier slaves to keep them happy. Which makes me
ask where you get your bread. 

        3) I'm not looking for every song by every artist to be a polemic,
or fact filled, or to take sa stand; there's a place for emotion and
feeling. But, when Dylan met the Beatles, he asked them, quite rightly,
"You have the whole world listening, and all you can say is "I wanna hold
your hand ?"

        4) Phil Ochs put out work that mattered and wound up killing
himself; The Weavers Got Blacklisted for 15 years; Brenda Khan put out an
astonishingly aware album, Goldfish Don't Talk Back, before getting
swallowed and spat out by Sony/Chaos....and Alanis, nothing to say Alanis,
Splits the writing with a suitably older man Alanis, Little Puppet Girl,
gets 4 Grammy awards for turning Rage into a pasteurized tidy commodity. 

        5) Catano sez :"that the populist trend is not towards cynicism or
to skepticism, but to a holehearted avoindance of political matters..."
Well, I don't call that holehearted, I call it holeheaded. Saying you'll
avoid politics is saying like you have a note that excuses you from

        6) The Revolution will not be televised. It won't be on Seven-inch
either. The Revolution will not be formatted for Netscape 1.1, or available
on CBC Realtime. But I think it's coming. And anyone who thinks that being
"Apolitical" offers immunity is gonna find out how wrong they are. 
"Against The Grain"