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Re: sloanpolitik

>In a hundred years, whose politics will still be studied, Karl Marx or 
>Richard Marx?

what's really scary is, that's a good question.

anyways, chris trowbridge, sir, i agree with what you're saying
about political passivity playing into the hands of the elite.
that's why i brought up john ralston saul in my earlier post,
because he makes that point so effectively.  the point you're
making is that "apoliticism", itself a political stance, 
*is a wrong one*.  or misguided at best.  i'd agree with that.
i also didn't see anything in catano's post to come against
that, so i'm wondering who you're reacting against.  i do
think that when we start trying to figure out what music
should say or be, politically speaking, things get kind of tricky.

but this is an east coast discussion, after all, so come back
to sloan and company.  since you've obviously given this issue
some thought, where do you situate the east coast alt-/indie-rock
scene politically?  after all, you know it as well as anybody.


p.s. woo, vicious body slam on brendan.  have to agree with your 
     point though.

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