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Voting Blank

Per offered:

}themselves "why do X percent of the population not vote?". the problem of 
}people staying in bed instead of voting can be taken care of by letting 
}people to simply vote "blank". if you actually did get out of bed to vote 
}and then voted "blank" the politicians should really take note. you 
}voted, but didn't vote for any of the parties/persons that was available.
}to me, it's like a "no" vote to the whole system or, at least, the 
}political parties involved in the election (ie. running the country). 

You can in Canada, it's called a spoiled ballot.  You just mark all 
the spaces, or write in a joke candidate, or otherwise do it wrong so 
they have to count the ballot but not give a vote to any candidate.  
However, in the US they apparently pull levers in a booth, so I don't 
know if you're able to spoil that procedure.

If lots of disgruntled or apolitical people consciously did this it 
would show up as a significant fraction of the vote.  It usually