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Super Friendz

In Buffalo, this Saturday, has been declared Super Friendz Day.

All orders of chicken wings will be served with lyric sheets for
mock up/scale down.

& then:

        the Super Friendz will be hitting the stage at 10:10 pm
        at the tri-main center Variety Rocks music event (live to network TV!)

        & then

        coming downtown to rock the Buffalo Nickel Lounge at midnite.
        any more info can be obtained by emailing gargoyle\!/localnet.com
        or calling (716) 855-0050.

sat 3/02       Super Friendz w/ Girlpope
sat 3/23       Ron Hawkins Solo Acoustic
fri 4/05       jale w/ TBA
sat 5/18       Eric's Trip w/ TBA