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Re: what's new in Halifax?

> > Does anyone know if the Piggy release is a CD or a cassette?  
> cassette only.  i've no idea what address you would write to to get it.
> i know some people on sloannet have picked it up, maybe there's an 
> address on the cassette.  anyway, this is a band worth checking out, 
> callipso, all acoustic, incredible musicianship.  the songs stick in your 
> mind, this is music that makes you happy.

Yeah.  Like jim said.  This tape is even better than their first, so if
you liked Calypso Avalanche then you're probably going to like this tape
even better.  The songs are more diverse, like the totaly rocking "Emma 
Goldman", to the real sweet and sad "Rain Song" which still puts a lump in 
my throat even after listening to it dozens of times (it's the Rainbow
Connection of the 90's).  Plus crowd pleasing favorites like
"My Pink Bike" (it could have been blue...hee hee) and "Dude Ranch".  Just
like the cover says, 10 Hits.  They're not lying.

Box 334
Sir Charles Tupper Medical Building
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 4H7

> jim