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Re: Fat Mike VS Sloan; Music and Politics.

PLEASE NOTE:  these are only my opinions - I did not write them with any 
intent of converting any one to agree with me (I've been flamed too 
many times)

jrocchi\!/julian.uwo.ca wrote:
>         Okay..let's look at the legitimate underpinnings of this debate. In
> theory, Punks hate Hippies and Popsters for creating 'irrelevant' music...
> music that does nothing but exsist and please and sell; the aesthetics of
> beauty are somewhat despised and negated by punk doctrine. So, (although I

only to be replaced by another doctrine of aesthetics (they have some 
standard of judgement).  Just because a standard of taste doesn't 
coincide with what is traditionally considered beautiful or pleasing 
doesn't mean that it isn't aesthetic.

> disagree with it) Fat Mike's dislike of Sloan/Pavement is logical to
> extract from general principles. However... If Fat Mike were accusing
> Sloan/Pavement of not being about anything, not discussing explcicitly the
> political realities of life in this part of the century, I'd have to say
> he's right. 
sometimes I think that one of the greatest things about some bands is a 
purity (or something to that effect) - I can listen to them for the 
experience of the music alone without being hit over the head with 
someone's political opinions.

>         "Coax me" and "Left of Center" talk about cultural/social issues,
> sure, but obliquely and at a distance. And as Robert Christagau  notes in
> this years Pazz and Jop poll, this is a time when we need more direction,
> assistance, awarness, and effort from the musical community in opposition

hmmm...I don't know....for bands to get involved with politics, etc. 
doesn't necessarily provide direction that would be favorable in my 
opinion.  I think all it might to is propogate politics and superficiality.

what exactly does he mean by "the prevailing cold winds of class struggle 
and conflict"  and how could a band help that?  I see a lot of integrity 
possible in music, and I think getting involved in politics takes away 
from that.

> to the prevailing cold winds of class struggle and conflict-and it isn't
> there. In fact, music seems to be withdrawing from the realm of political
> comment- giving up.  (And it especially isn't on the nre NOFX album, or at
> least not that much...Sorry, Mikey.) 
>         I joke that there are only three bands in America that actually
> believe in anything, Spearhead, Fugazi, and Bad Religion....and I can't
> think of a Canadian band who believes in anything, or articulates it. Maybe
> Fifth Column- Julia Propeller do now and then....... The Rheostatics,
> sporadically. (Spirit of The West used to believe in something...now they
> sing travelogues.) 

everyone believes in something, it just may not be important to you (the 

>         Anyone else feel dissapointed ? Anyone think I'm totally wrong ? 
I feel disappointed when it seems to me that bands are formed solely to 
express political opinions and such.
I feel disappointed that there is the necessary evil of bands having to 
be involved in the politics of big business as far as record distribution 

>         I like NOFX, 
>         I like Sloan, 
>         I think too much at  home, alone.
>         James.