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Subject: fatmikeisanidiot

i was just surfin' le net and discovered a web site run by fat mike the
loser from the worst band in the world, nofx.  anyways, i got really pissed
off cuz he gives a list of some of his favourite bands (nofx, face2face
lamelamelamelame..) and he lists "bands that suck" in it he lists such bands
as beatles, pavement...... and SLOAN!!! and he only picked like 15 bands! i
don't remember what the address was,but i left him a message a la nasty, not
that it will solve anything,but, y'know it wouldn't be so bad if his band
didn't suck so much.

hate *lame* punk bands

Geez, what a loser!  Perhaps you should post the nofx web site for all of
SloanNet to see, so that we can all send fat ugly "I am punker than you" mike
hate mail.  :)