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Re: Fat Mike VS Sloan; Music and Politics.

>        I joke that there are only three bands in America that actually
>believe in anything, Spearhead, Fugazi, and Bad Religion....and I can't
>think of a Canadian band who believes in anything, or articulates it.

Two great Canadian bands come to mind...

1) DOA ( Talk - Action = Zero )
2) PolitiKILL inCOREct (anti-racism, anti-drug, anti-misogynistic, and in
favour of beating anyone who IS racist, misogynistic, or drug dealing to a pulp)

Both of 'em use every album to express some kind of message about our
society. They believe in stuff, and articulate it.
Of course, there aren't many bands who take much of a soapbox these days...
but I don't find that inappropriate. Music should be fun. Some people just
make it fun, and educational...

You could probably add furnaceface to the list, too. There must be others --
perhaps just not east coast bands?

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