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poumons & politics

before i get to the poumons part, let me just say:
whoah, catano, that was a great post.  i'm going
to chew on that one a while before i get around to 
posting a reply.  let me just say that i agree
totally with your main point:  "apoliticism" is
itself a political stance.  well said.  damn it,
it's about time someone raised the level of 
discussion around here.  thank god for mike catano.

anyways, yeah, the poumons.  i saw them again 
tonight, they played at birdland.  it's called
Groove with a capital G.  it's also called 
how to play bass.  catherine (sp?) has the licks,
man oh man.  i'm not the only one who thinks so;
ask chris murphy.  i could listen to these guys
all night.

so the scoop on the poumons is as follows:
they are in town to record with mr. murphy
(on 4-track).  they're recording 10 songs for
a cd that they plan to put out themselves.

for the sake of the haligonians on this list,
here's a little itinerary:
- friday at 1pm on ckdu-fm, they're guesting
  on my radio show; tune in.
- friday night, they're opening for the hermit
  at cafe ole.
- saturday night, they open for thrushy H and
  becky W at birdland.

my advice is, come on time both nights so you
don't miss 'em.


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