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Re: sloanpolitik

James R. Covey wrote:

> i think brendan's wrong about music&politics being
> like oil&water (sorry big guy); it may seem like

Hmm.. I think it's time for me to cold kick someones ass!! Hehehe.. 
naw I don't wanna start living by the sword, but really.. I bet if
I were to conduct a little.. *ahem* _poll_ *ahem* that we would 
that generally people don't wanna hear about what someone like Henry
Rollins thinks about politics, let alone in song, pee-yoo. But, that's 
not even what I was saying.. I just meant that, for me, I don't wanna 
hear about serious politocal issues when I am ready for a leathel dose 
of indie rock. I'm right, I am superman lalalalalalalalala.
Ronald Regan hates me,
Brendan Ryan.