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Re: sloanpolitik

}James R. Covey wrote:
}> i think brendan's wrong about music&politics being
}> like oil&water (sorry big guy); it may seem like

OK, a challenge:

Name a pop song which has made an indelible impact on world politics.

"All You Need is Love"?
"We are the World"? - already refuted by Mike C.
"Smells Like Teen Spirit"?
"O Canada"?

Pop music is entertainment.  If you want to impress ideals on 
someone, write poetry or books.  Or at least use a medium where 
everyone can easily understand the words, instead of rock music!  In 
a hundred years, whose politics will still be studied, Karl Marx or 
Richard Marx?

apolitical know-nothing jock

P.S. Why do all you political types think you're e. e. cummings?  
Have you no "Shift" keys?