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Re: poumons & politics

> po[Asting a reply.  let me just say that i agree
> totally with your main point:  "apoliticism" is
> itself a political stance.  well said.  damn it,

yeah, well said. The only problem is...people who want to fuck you over 
like Harris and Bouchard and Manning live in a political world and - 
guess what! - they run this country, so while "apoliticism" may be a cute 
turn of phrase at a twentysomething cocktail party all it ultimately does 
is reinforce their power. c'mon...do you really live in such a 
college'n'rock-addled world that you can convince yourself that 
"apoliticism is politicism"? yeah, right, and up is down & black is 
white... sounds like you're getting ready for Big Brother to me. You're 
basing your world-view on (washed-up) film director Richard Linklater's 
throw-away line "To draw away in disgust is not the same as apathy", but 
I think you'll find that when the whip comes down, no cute cynicism is 
gonna save your ass. I predict a quick politicization.