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Fat Mike VS Sloan; Music and Politics.

        Okay..let's look at the legitimate underpinnings of this debate. In
theory, Punks hate Hippies and Popsters for creating 'irrelevant' music...
music that does nothing but exsist and please and sell; the aesthetics of
beauty are somewhat despised and negated by punk doctrine. So, (although I
disagree with it) Fat Mike's dislike of Sloan/Pavement is logical to
extract from general principles. However... If Fat Mike were accusing
Sloan/Pavement of not being about anything, not discussing explcicitly the
political realities of life in this part of the century, I'd have to say
he's right. 

        "Coax me" and "Left of Center" talk about cultural/social issues,
sure, but obliquely and at a distance. And as Robert Christagau  notes in
this years Pazz and Jop poll, this is a time when we need more direction,
assistance, awarness, and effort from the musical community in opposition
to the prevailing cold winds of class struggle and conflict-and it isn't
there. In fact, music seems to be withdrawing from the realm of political
comment- giving up.  (And it especially isn't on the nre NOFX album, or at
least not that much...Sorry, Mikey.) 

        I joke that there are only three bands in America that actually
believe in anything, Spearhead, Fugazi, and Bad Religion....and I can't
think of a Canadian band who believes in anything, or articulates it. Maybe
Fifth Column- Julia Propeller do now and then....... The Rheostatics,
sporadically. (Spirit of The West used to believe in something...now they
sing travelogues.) 

        Anyone else feel dissapointed ? Anyone think I'm totally wrong ? 

        I like NOFX, 
        I like Sloan, 
        I think too much at  home, alone.