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thinking of vacationing up north...

Not Sloan content:

One of my friends and I are thinking of visiting Montreal for about a
week this summer. Is this a good idea, or a bad idea? I've heard that
it's "most European of all North American cities", but that just brings
up images of rude Frenchmen spilling soup on American's laps.

Oh, and neither of us speak French. I have a couple years of hi-skule
french from long, long ago, but any french-speaking person could
rightfully shoot me for what I do to their language.

So, trip to Montreal, good idea or bad? Any suggestions as to good
places to stay, things to do, cool stuff to do on the way (we'd be
driving from Cleveland)?

Thanks for helping an ignorant furriner.

Sloan/NOFX content:

I'd question the taste of anyone who doesn't like Sloan, or the
Beatles, or Pavement, let alone not liking all 3. Then again, a number
of my friends have recommended NoFX to me...

His disliking those 3 bands has sure lessened the chances I'll pick up
a NoFX record.

Similarly, I saw Smashing Pumpkins open up for the Chili Peppers in
1991. On that evening they had the worst rock star attitude I have ever
heard. I am _never_ buying any of their records because of that.