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_mass teen fainting_ + sloan history


well i'm going to give a few (?) words about plumtree's full-length 
debut.  i hesitate to use the word "review" because i'm not good at reviewing.  
(good thing i'm not in arts! <g> but i'm not in science, math, or 
engineering either.. hmm... )

overall, it's a happy, bouncy, makes you smile kinda album.  it's cute, 
but not cuddle-core cute, more like quirky.  jamesy c described them as 
kinda surf-rock, and it follows that similar 60s kinda vein.  plumtree's 
sound is hard to define... :|

most songs are sung by carla: "Tropical" (title describes the feel of the 
song), "Phil Was Always Here" (it's a punk song in disguise ;) ), "I 
Don't Know", "Aquarius" (both are kinda sad songs reminescent of 50s-60s 
kinda pop), "In the Sink" (maj diff are the missing snare roll at the 
beginning, and omitted harmonies <higher>), "Only In Movies"(played on 
_RealTime_ a few weeks back), "The Phone The Phone" (close to the 
original, i think.. i don't own the 7".. it sounds rawer.  there's a 
bonus at the song too ;) ), "Sodium Chloride" (added harmonies, which  
confused me at first), and "Good Time To Tell Me" (very sparse 
arrangement -- i.e.  guitar and carla's voice.  gentle, but sounds sad..)

up until now, i haven't really liked amanda's voice a lot.  "hey 
whiskers" is cute, but kinda annoying... however, on this album the voice 
suits the music (music suits the voice?) so it sounds fine.  i like 
it.  she sings lead on: "Open the Window" (happy, upbeat), "3:30 On the 
Hill" (cute, sweet, innocent, with lyrics of 'although i haven't seen you 
yet/ when i do i'll break your neck'), and "July 3rd" (i would've been 
singing this two sundays ago).

my fave track is "Shoot To Scoop".  it's not happy kinda quirky, but laid 
back, cool vocals, and a rawkin' jam session ending.  i really like the 
guitars and sparse arrangements during the verse.  unfortunately, it's 
nina's song so chances of hearing it live......

most of these songs are really catchy and easy to remember.  it's a great 
album by sizzle teen's standards ;)  if they perform on the _ytv 
achiement awards_, i'm sure that a lot of kids watching the show will 
easily remember their song.  ...and the next day at school, my sister will 
boast that she knew about plumtree before their performance ;) she'll be 
the hippest 13 year old in mississauga ;)

				...sizzle teen

p.s.  ok, i'm making up the story about how sloan formed.  patty p, 
fergus, crab, and prince valium (er, valiant) were little fishies in the 
sea and prayed to the great khahuna to become human so they can play 
neat-o music.  khahuna likes music, so he granted their wish.  the boys 
reached land and settled in halifax.  not knowing where to start, they 
began fiddling with turntables, and wore big pants and backwards baseball 
caps.  khahuna didn't like this, so he sent a messenger to halifax to 
change their style.  the boys didn't agree, so shredder the messenger had to 
fight them with the help of the sailor scouts.  with one yell of "moon  
prism power", the boys picked up guitars, a bass, and a drum kit and 
began making music.  they played a few shows, recorded some stuff, got a 
record deal, recorded a few albums, singles, did some shows, the drummer 
left town, and they eventually broke up.  the real patrick, jay, andrew, 
and chris returned back to the sea as little fishies because their dream 
was fulfilled.  however, the big khahuna wanted to immortalize them, so 
made clones who still wander the surface of the earth.  the end.

sizzle teen :)  cc501\!/torfree.net / nishitc\!/tc.gc.ca
"mystified, not stupified"