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OG/other stuff..

Hahha, I didn't notice the initials for Orange Glass.. O.G. HAhahaha 
they are the Original Gangstas.. hahahahah. That's pretty funny. Oh 
speaking of which I was in Sams and found the Radioblaster "Days of way 
back" 7" now thats funny.. HhaaahahAHAHhaha. Ghettoblasters are funny, 
cause they are old school, haha. Also, I recently re-discovered my State 
Champs "Nevada Downs" 7" and, you know what.. it's really a good record 
and from what I hear it is VERY limited and there aren't so many left on 
the racks so if you are lucky enough to even find one, you should pick it 
up. Also I hear there is a new Six Too tape on Ant.. Can't wait to get 
it, I still haven't got the second one yet.. oh well that's my post for 
Original Pranksta,