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my ramblings on the 19+ show of Broken Girl, Plumtree and The Maker's Mark at the Rivoli in Toronto

I'm in total awe of Broken Girl. She was amazing. She writes such
simple but beautiful songs about love and relationships. I've
noticed several posts saying how nervous she was at shows in
London and at the afternoon show at the Rivoli show in Toronto
but at her evening performance at the Rivoli I think she handled
her nervousness well. She is so instantly likable that even the
mistakes(and her subsequent apologies) made her performance even
more charming. She did beautiful renditions of an Eric's Trip
song, some new songs off her new CD and some oldies off her 7-
inches. And all without the aid of a set list! I had the urge to
yell out a request for `My Chest is Empty' when she was pondering
which songs she should play. Alas, she didn't play that song.
Regrets! (However if I go to the upcoming Eric's Trip show in
Toronto maybe I'll muster up the courage to request it then)

Next up were Plumtree, who I had seen twice before. This time
featured their new bassist Katrina(with the blistered finger) who
was playing with a pick. She seemed a bit nervous but she'll
probably outgrow that(she's got to start smiling more too! she
did near the end of the set when she looked over to Amanda and
and let out a big grin and started to dance around a bit). As for
the music, I think their brand of pop is quite refreshing
although I wasn't quite thrilled with the new versions of `In the
Sink' and `Sodium Chloride'. But I can live with them. All in
all, a great performance. Oh yeah and what did Carla say was the
name of their new album ...`Ragged Ass Road'?! ... funny girl ...
although it would have been funnier if she said `Jagged Little
Pill' :)

And finally up were The Maker's Mark which for the life of me I
have no idea what that means(anyone? anyone?). They are not a pop
band in the same vein as Plumtree but they have a melodicism to
their songs. From what I heard, their music seemed to draw its
influences from the Velvet Underground, the Rolling Stones and
Pavement(a la `Rattled by the Rush)(oh yeah, a hint of Steve
Malkmus in Mike Bellitsky's voice also, well at least IMO). It's
always great to see Andrew Scott drumming. So guys, where's the
album? Oh, the instrumental jams they did were great... I
couldn't really hear the vocals throughout their whole set so it
all seemed instrumental to me. ;)