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Re: not homophobic.

> I really don't think that someone's sexual preference is any of yours or 
> anyone else's  business and it should not be a topic of discussion.
> this may sound harsh but what relevance does someone's sexual preference 
> have to do with liking their music?
> rebecca
Agreed, but since Ashley MacIsaac recently "came out" publicly as a 
bisexual in Xtra magazine, I don't think it's a big deal to talk about 
it. For an artist from the conservative world of Cape Breton and the 
fiddle music scene to say that he's bi and proud took a lot of guts. 
He should be commended for his courage. obviously, someone's sexual 
preference shouldn't have anything to do with their music, but to a lot 
of ignorant people it does. MacIsaac is challenging a lot of people's 
preconceptions, musically and politically. pretty cool if you ask me.