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just wanted to make a qwik summary of the bands i saw over the weekend, 
as there were 12 of them, a record(for me) i believe.

8:30 avalon jazz quartet--FREE at  bitters(mun's grad/faculty bar)
my friend lesley's dad's band.  they were...ah....jazzy.  i don't listen 
too much jazz 'cept for after hours on cbc stereo, but i thought these 
guys were cool, a change of pace from that awful rock n' roll.  they did 
that song "girl from armenia" or whatever.  i recognized a few others but 
i don't know their names.
1:00 jason belmor rockin' blues band--FREE at the spur
very competent cover band, playing tunes from bto, hendrix, doors, srv, 
etc. cool factor: got to listen to lots of classic rock tunes without 
having to go listen to q93-"good time oldies".

1:30 the dreadbeats--FREE at the ship inn (sotw's fav bar)
the dreadbeats(formerly pressure drop) are newfoundland's finest reggae 
band, and did a fine job kickin' out the rasta on this lovely unseasonal 
evening.  i think it would have been better if i had been stoned like 
EVERYONE else there, cause a lot of people were really lovin' it.  rad 
tidbit: mun csu president paul thornhill was there, schmoozing as per 
usual.  for any mun sloanetters:  i am running for president this time so 
vote for me cause i'm not (as big) a fool like mr. thornhill.

2:00 went back to the spur 'til closing.  saw some drunk guys penis as he
pissed on my car and hassled me for a ride when i left.  i kinda hit him
with my car cause i was scared, he fell over, i ran off.  mmmm....drama. 

10:30 shielaleigh law(sp?)--FREE at the blarney stone
SL are a really cool irish/traditional band.  my friend trevor's bro is 
in the band and suggested i see them.  i was not disappointed.  
fast/upbeat/drunk - very nice.  i got kicked out because i had no i.d.

12:00 cooze/potatobug/potmaster--$5:00 at the loft
i missed openers cooze, who were playing their final show, for the 3rd 
time but what can you do?  they sound kinda like clutch or korn.  
potatobug were more lively than usual and were jumpin' around and stuff.  
i'm thinkin' they got high off the potatos on their recent ecma trip, and 
haven't come down yet.  downfall of the set: mark bishop, who sang for 
the now-defunkt-i-think hemm-rage, decided in his drunken stupor to sing 
ALL of potatobug's songs for them.  i laughed at first but it got a 
little old, kinda like you mom....  potmaster had guest original drummer 
tony tucker playing for them, the boy is good.  i was pissed off though 
because jon fisher(guitarist) told me they've dropped his "pull my spine 
out" song.  they better start playing it again.

2:00 jkw/wheadeater/bellybutton window/gearbox/fusion/eruption--FREE at
the bishops college basement theatre the price tag on this piece of meat
was $3.00 but i opted out and did lights, emceeing and *stage management*
instead.  first was gearbox, who sound like a cross between silverchair
and wool.  really good musicians, but who stole the soul?  the funniest
part was the little guitarist carrying around the gurt big peavey 5150
eddie van halen amp, he could have easily fit inside.  next was fusion,
sounding a lot like early alternametal potatobug.  ok band, but i was
already getting tired.  wheadeater were next, and have some really good
songs a la jawbox/breaker, and some really monotonous material as well. 
eruption have been together for a week and were pretty grungey and 
derivative, but they may surprise me when they get a little more practise in.
bellybutton window is gord lake's(who used to play bass for wheadeater) 
new band.  pretty heavy and some wicked bass.  gord is the man.  jkw were 
last and by this time i just wanted to go home.  they played a 
sub-standard set and i was unimpressed, except for "sally may" which 
verges on incredible.  i left at 6:00.

anyone who saw any of the band's i just mentioned, please comment on what 
you thought. 

secretary boy,