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Sappy Records

 Hey everyone, I got a newsletter from Sappy Records in the mail the other
day, and I thought I'd fill you in.

       Theres a new Orange Glass 7" called "Circle Dance"
  Here's Julie's review:
                               ORANGE GLASS

        Every time I ask Ron for a write up on his band O.G. he draws me a
cartoon. I'm not sure what that says about the band or Ron's communication
skills but I do know that for some strange reason O.G. is a hard band to pin
down. Let me throw out some words that come into my head while I listen to
Orange Glass and let you draw your own conclusion. Black Sabbath, Belinda
Carlisle, physics, love lost, suburbia, fresh cut grass, sneakers, waiting
for the bus, sun and snowflakes, happysad, lost in space, angst, sappy.
Maybe a cartoon would have been more to the point.
        Orange Glass are from Moncton N.B. with no immediate plans for
escape. Ron Bates plays guitar and sings. Tara White plays bass guitar and
sings and the mighty Chris Flanagan plays drums. Ron and Tara have also been
known to play in Elevator To Hell. The first O.G. single was released before
Tara and Chris joined the band. The new single, Circle Dance includes the
full line up and songs by both Ron and Tara.
        For more information you can reach Ron care of SAPPY RECORDS, P.O.
BOX 25097, MONCTON N.B., E1C 9M9. Thank you.

        On the other side of the letter there's the catalog for sappy. And
Julie says to "Keep your fingers crossed" for new stuff from Inbreds, Wooden
Stars, Mommyheads, Moonsocket, and Elevator To Hell.
        Also that the Broken Girl C.D. is at the manufacturers now. They
should be ready soon.

        I imagine anyone else who is a customer with Sappy will also receive
the Newsletter.

"Seems so sick to the hypocrite norm
running their boring drills
 But we are an elite race of our own
the stoners, junkies, and freaks."
     -Alice in Chains