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ET stuff

    Whew, finally got my copy of Purple Blue the other day and I must 
say that I like it, I like it alot.  I'm not going to go into to much 
detail but I just would like to say that Bob Weston did an amazing 
production job and I do like purple blue better than Forever Again.
    Enough about that though, my tough Eric's Trip question stems 
from this early ET compilation a friend of friend made and I got 
taped this weekend.  It has the caterpillars ep, the drowning ep and 
the warm girl ep (the 10 song one) but it also has this song called 
Bleed on it with Rick on bass, Chris on drums, Tara doing vocals (and 
sounding very pj harveyish) and then this guy Mike on guitar.  Who is 
this Mike guy?  I think it was the person had put that it was 
recorded in July of 1991.  Does anyone know who this guy was?  Was he 
officially in the band?  etc.
    Oh yeah, I might be coming up to Halifax this weekend but I'm not 
sure because  after checking the birdland homepage there's nobody I'd 
really care to pay $25 worth of bus expenses to see.  But are there 
any shows going on anywhere else or has Birdland changed who's 
playing.  I guess if anyone could send me the listings it would be 
much appreciated.

    The newest Motes fanily yours,
    Paul Landry