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rebecca west

	at the broken girl/plumtree show in london this past friday I 
bought the new Plumtree and the Rebecca West cds.  Anyways, here's my 
question:  What's the deal behind rebecca west?  I read somewhere that 
Allison Outhit is a big part of the 'maritime scene.'  It's really an 
excellent cd.  I didn't like it at first at all, but I've grown to love 
it!  Plumtree's great too!  It's surfer music for the nineties!  People 
seem to really dislike the new versions of in the sink and sodium 
chloride, but I (not having heard the first versions) love em.  'Dog 
done crazy' should be on it though!  
	Anyhow, thank's for any help,


P.S.  I'm starting to really like 'somebody spoke'.  I know I'm probably 
way off, but maybe they got the album title from a lyric in the Beatle's 
song A DAY IN THE LIFE.  The song capability really sounds like a 
Beatle's song (IMO).