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Re: ET stuff

Paul Landry wrote:
> the warm girl ep (the 10 song one) but it also has this song called
> Bleed on it with Rick on bass, Chris on drums, Tara doing vocals (and
> sounding very pj harveyish) and then this guy Mike on guitar.  Who is
> this Mike guy?  I think it was the person had put that it was
> recorded in July of 1991.  Does anyone know who this guy was?  Was he
> officially in the band?  etc.

The song, as far as I recall, features on guitar the mighty Mike Feuerstack, who is now in the 
Wooden Stars and also is Snailhouse. No, he was never in ET, nor was this song an ET song. It was 
just tacked onto a _very_ small number of Drowning cassettes because there was room.