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Jim Cooper- Music Makes Me Happy

'Music Makes Me Happy' is a *terrific* new tape by Jim Cooper.  I received
a copy- but I'm not sure if it is widely available.  You should get your
hands on a tape.  It is a compilation of songs by everybody's own Jim
Cooper.  Jim has played in town under a number of different names and has
played live over the last few months with State Champs, Tim Robbins
Experience, Preppy Relatives, The Chinstraps, and Sanisoft.

The 'Music Makes Me Happy' tape has c. 12 songs as well as a number of
soundscapes between songs.  The first thing I noticed upon listening was
that I had to keep reminding myself that this was one person.  The songs
originate mostly with Jim and his guitar- but then there are guitar/vocal
overlays, percussion tracks, and some keyboard tracks as well.  All of
these coalesce into a very 'full band' feeling, even though the work has
been done predominately by one person (I say predominately because I know
there are some notable guest appearances on certain tracks).

The tape opens with 'ad nauseum' which I think is often the song with which
Jim opens his shows.  'deepender'  is a cool slow melodic stripped down
song- with very ambient melding of vocals.  Other prominent songs are
'Monctangoless', 'nobody moves- nobody gets hurt' (the guitar alone makes
this song memorable), and 'sackvillestupidsound'- dig these song titles!
As well, there are two covers- 'Facist Architecture' by Bruce Cockburn, and
'Hurt' by Eric's Trip.

While I usually find soundscapes between songs to be self-indulgent,
superfluous,  and often a perfect waste of chromium dioxide, those found
here are exactly what they should be- sound experiments which provide
something fresh and new.  Check 'em out.

Without hesitation, I'd recommend this tape to anyone who is interested in
good songwriting and thoughtful arrangements.  The best part is the overall
feeling Jim can project in his voice and his playing. I've tried hard to
think of a weakness, but cannot think of any.  As always (with me), I wish
it was not on 4-track and recorded in a studio- but it IS one person, what
do you expect? It definitely is one of the better 4-track recordings I've

You can probably get one by emailing Jim at <af557\!/ccn.cs.dal.ca>.  Jim is
currently playing with a full band who, I think, are called 'The Nines'.
Look out 4 dem!