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Broken girl/Plumtree

Just another review of a great show that took place last thursday night in 
Windsor, I'm just real lazy and didn't get around to posting untill now.
having no idea of what time the show stared or anything we got to windsor 
around 6, drove around and still couldn't find anything about it.  so 
decided to go to the casino, and after winning $100 in the quarter slots 
left there.  finally went back to the loop and talked to catrina, the new 
bassist from plumtree, who said the show didn't start till 10.

enough about the adventure and on to the show.

the first band was bumblebee, who were pretty good, despite being only 
their first time playing.

next came broken girl, Julie was amazingly beautiful.  Alot of the people 
in the place continued there conversations during her set.  At first, 
this seemed to bother her but, as the show went on she decided that she 
liked the atmosphere and just pretended that she was at home (she said at 
there one person would pay attention, Ben).  Anyways she decided to play 
longer than usual and it was amazing.  Before her last song she 
introduced it by saying that it was a song about when she went to see 
someone else play (someone from Eric's Trip???) and about how she felt 
that it should be her up there plating with him.  After the show we were 
talking to her, and got around to asking her about that song and her 
reply was: I can't tell you cause then it'd be all over that sloannet 
thing.  (Thought that was pretty funny)  She was pretty tired and 
completely forgot one of the songs half way thru it....but I knew how she 
felt because I drove all night to get there.

Then of course, after Catrina's harmonica solo came Plumtree.  There set 
was really good and all but one of the songs where from their new C.D.  
The set list went like this: I Don't Know + The Phone, The Phone + Open The 
Window + Phil Was Always Here + Only In The Movies + In The Sink + Scott 
Pilgrim + 3:30 On the Hill + Sodium Chrolide + Good Time To Tell Me + 
Tropical.   It was Catrina's third show with the band and she fit in 
really well.  This was the unoffical release party night of _Mass Teen 
Fainting_  which by the way is really good, so run out and buy it.  This 
was also Carla's birthday so we brought her some flowers, which i think 
she liked (it surprised her anyway).  

Sorry for those of you who don't care, about the lenght- but I just 
wanted to share my experience with you netheads.
Glad he stayed up 48 hours to see this show,