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Re: ** Hayden is signed **

found this on alt.music.canada... pretty neat :)
dgc tho... :)  :(     ..???

Noise Eee (poledo\!/idirect.com) writes:
> hi there
> (far from an official press release, but its all official)
> wanna let all you folks know that Hayden has signed with Outpost Records, 
> the new label started by producer Scott Litt and former Smashing Pumpkins 
> manager someone somebody (name eludes me).  That's the new home of Veruca 
> Salt, and will probably be the label to release the next R.E.M. records.  
> The label works in conjunction with DGC.
> anyways, 3 cheers and best wishes for da man.
> late-a
> joshua


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