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edgefest 7"

i went to the egggselent broken girl/plumtree/maker's mark show in 
toronto on saturday (helloooooo to everybody i saw on saturday, it felt 
just like last summer, yay!) 
and now i have 2 edgefest singles to trade for whatever you have to
offer and that i might want. They don't have the sleeves, but i can 
photocopy the one i have for ya.
offers to me, lisa at 3llmc\!/qlink.queensu.ca

oh, that broken girl song about going to see someone play, she introduced 
last summer as a song about elevator to hell (i'm sure this was mentioned 
the weirdest thing about her set on saturday was when, in the 
middle of one of her songs when everyone was totally silent, this 
guy with about a hundred keys on the end of a very long chain clanked his 
way up to the front and out to the back, totally oblivious to the extreme 
amount of noise that he was making. bizaaaarre.

and hey, siz's 'zine _in the meantime_ is mentioned in the most recent 
issue of the cub newsletter. hooray!

lurve, lisa c-w.