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The first of a long line...

Hi there! So, most of you know me, and many of you don't, I am mMhatt
Parker, a friendly little ghost from Barrie Ontario.
        Anyways I think that this would be a great time to begin advertising
for a concert I am putting together called the Barrie Pop Collision.  It is
a night where six high school bands are getting together and playing our
hearts out.  If you live around the Toronto area, come up to Barrie and
watch this thang, we can have a little sloan-net corner or something.
Anyways, tickets are $4, and I'd really love it if you got as many people to
go as you could.  These bands are all on the record label "losst sweater
records" we will also be putting out a 7" losst sweater records compilation
later on this spring.  The concert isn't for a while, but I would really
appreciate it if you came.  So here's the official schtuff...

                        SATURDAY APRIL 27TH
                         7:00 (DOORS OPEN AT 6)
                        MIDHURST COMMUNITY CENTER

here are the bands...



        OLD FOAMY

        SECTION 8



        So, this is the official first of a few advertisments and if you
have any questions at all please write me back.  Sorry for the lack of East
coast music content, I'll double my input next time.