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lousy on sappy


since there's a bunch of people on this list who'd like to know (I hope those
who don't want to know won't get upset, it's kind of EC in a way, isn't it?:),
here's what's happening with the Lousy 7" on Sappy Records:

the DAT we'd sent to Sappy wasn't OK when it arrived. So there won't be a
single with "the Kurt Russell demo"-songs. Um, yes we have another DAT of
"the K.R. demo", we're pretty stupid but not THAT stupid... :) But we're
recording some new stuff right now, and some of that will be released as a
Sappy 7" instead (unless they'll hate it...). Some of it won't. Noone really
knows what will happen with that stuff. Scary, eh? :) If someone's interested
in getting their own copy of "the K.R. demo" - drop me a line and we'll work
something out. I'm a notorious trader. :)

Take care,


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