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Mar9&10 all ages shows

Geez! OK, this is not from iMPACT Records but iMPACT magazine, and I am not
a guy but a girl. And once again here is the lineup for the Mar. 9 and 10
all ages shows at Lee's that we (that is, iMPACT magazine) are
co-sponsoring with Canadian Music Week and CFNY:

Mar 9
Les Pichou 1 pm
MC 19 and under 1:40
Made 2:20
Super Friendz 3:00
Monoxides 3:40
Eric's Trip 4:20

Mar 10
Los Cholos 12:30
Shuttlecocks 1:00
Bluebeard 1:40
Pure 2:20
Change Of Heart 3:00
Hardship Post 3:40
Elevator To Hell 4:20

God knows if those times are going to stay the same but that's the lineup
as of now. Admission is $10, $16 for both days, and we have nothing to do
with the door so if you think it's too high take it up with CMW.

Then there's the Saturday night show, which we're also co-sponsoring, with
Sully, SIANspheric, Smoother, Hardship Post and Eric's Trip.

And we're ALSO co-sponsoring CFNY's Nu Music Tuesday night Mar 5 at the
Horseshoe, free admission but please bring non-perishable food donation.
That's with Wooden Stars, Spool, Choke To Start and Transistor. No East
Coast content, but don't be too narrow-minded now (we tried to get The
Maker's Mark but they were busy. By the way, I heard they might have a
7-inch ready in April).

At all shows we'll have cool stuff to give away, including our brand new
iMPACT MUSIC CDs, mags, T-shirts and subscriptions as well as miscellaneous
other stuff. We don't know yet whether it'll be by random draw or whether
you have to have MY NAME IS.. stickers on (kidding).

Hope that's clear now, and hope to see you all there...