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cute 'n tall being the operative words (br.girl/maker's...)

   Well, Alex and I opted on Saturday to skip the lee's palace show and go
see Broken Girl, Plumtree, and Maker's Mark instead... and I definitely
don't regret the decision :).  Not a grunge kid in sight at the afternoon
Rivoli show... ;)
  Anyhow, Julie was great; really nervous and apologetic for not having a
set list and not knowing all her songs perfectly, but she did a beautiful
set nevertheless (I suppose the consensus is that she's like this at every
show, eh?).  Four songs into it Alex leans over and says, "I'm in love."  He
then proceeded to be groupie boy and followed her around for the rest of the
afternoon ;).  I bought "Nora" and "Dog Love pt. II" and they're both
lovely, for lack of a more descriptive word.
   Plumtree were ok; much better than what I'd previously seen on Mucheast
but maybe not really my thing... One of 'em said that she "always felt
really obnoxious having to go on after Broken Girl," and maybe that was the
problem - it went from quiet to teenybop bouncy.  They were cute, though.
  And last, but *certainly* not least... the Maker's Mark.  I could rave on
for a while but I'll keep it short - they were really impressive (damn tall,
too :) ) and played an excellent set.  Can't wait for them to release
something... which sort of leads into a question I have: MM played this song
that (oh my god) I actually recognized as being a Flying Saucer Attack tune
("Outdoor Miner"), although when I got home and looked at my 7" it says it's
by Lewis/Newman and was published by a different music corp... I went
looking on la net to find out who originally did the song but all I found
was some band named Pluck Theater, and I just have a feeling they didn't
write it.  So who did the original "Outdoor Miner", dammit?  It's a really
good song (and MM did a wicked cover of it).
     I also bought the new Orange Glass 7" and well, what can I say - it's
good.  I love "Circle Dance."   Sorry for the length...
                         missing all those good shows on the 9th and 10th,
                                     Shanan (excited b/c she saw Dave Bookman)