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Re: BG/PT/MM show/ Request for Maker's Mark info

On Mon, 26 Feb 1996 popstar\!/tvo.org wrote:

> but Broken Girl was amazing.... though it's funny and painful to watch her
> play, because she seems *so* nervous. a friend I was talking to summed it up
> when she said of Julie that "you just want to give her a big hug." 

ain't that sweet.

> Plumtree were okay... nice girly pop songs. nothing impressive. their limited
> playing skills kinda annoyed the arrogant snob musician within me.

obviously you haven't been listening and or watching very closely.  carla 
is just about one of the best guitarists shooting around halifax these 
days.  they are extreemly proficient at their instruments.  maybe your 
opinion of their skills has more to do with what's between their legs than 
what's between their hands?