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Re: No Subject

To Adrock:
Hey man, uhhmm, I think it has been sufficiently discussed that _THERE 
ARE NO MORE COPYS OF ANY SLOAN SINGLE_ the songs you named can be found 
on underwhelmed single or I am the cancer..   The Joni Mitchell comp is 
(I'm pretty sure at least) out of circulation (it's 4 years old or so..) 
and Sloans song is the only good one on it (one of my faves) I wish they 
would play it live or something..
To Shloan-net:
And regarding Plumtree/Busted Chick/Moonies Muff show.. well.. lemme give 
my two cents.. (opinions are like assholes..) ok.. yeah.. Plumtree have 
come a long friggin way and are getting better every time so go get em 
girlfriend!!! And I must have seen Makers Mark on a "bad" night cause 
they were slightly better than forgettable.. just my opinion, but Andrews 
songs were actually quite good..Dallas songs dot dot dot... I think 
Broken Girl is nice, but I kind of wonder if people would give her the 
time of day had she not been in an immensly popular "hip east-coast band" 
like Erics Trip.. I'm not trying to shoot her down, cause I think she 
writes some "gear" hits, but maybe I'm just jelous and want to be 
worshipped by all who live in central Canada.. heh. Oh well, party on.
Broken Brendan's Marktree.